The Hub

The Kink Mansion

LGBTQ+, poly & kink-friendly, explicit consent-aware environment

We invite you to join us at a private estate in the countryside of Scotland.

The event will be held in a large 17th century mansion with a fully equipped dungeon. Refreshments will be provided as well as a vast array of equipment. 

The rooms in the manor are for hire if you and your friends wish to spend the night. Room hire includes tickets to the event.

The games room will be a designated crash space at no extra cost (BYO blankets).

If you cannot afford a ticket that should not be the reason to not come, please get in touch with the hosts via the contact form, no questions asked.

Inviting Guests

This is a private party, you may invite guests only if you have been invited directly by the hosts via discord or via Link, or if you were a guest previously at the manor you may invite guests yourself.

You personally vouch for guests that you bring and they are your responsibility throughout the night, if they behaviour poorly its on you.

Please arrive with your guests. 

New Guests (have never been to KM before) are required to come to an open chat about consent & etiquette in the ballroom at 5PM  any new guests arriving after this point will be refused entry.

Date: Saturday, November 5th

Price: £20

Duration: 4PM – 2AM / Drop

Doors Open/Close: 4pm – 7pm

Venue capacity: Limited to 70 (Subject to change)

Address: Dundee country side (given to ticket holders)

Dress code: After 7PM No casual wear. Whether it’s smart, fancy, fetish, or sexy –  please wear something that makes you feel fabulous!  There are plenty of quiet spaces for you to get changed in once you arrive.

What to expect: A hedonistic play party with socializing.

Play Rooms

The Ballroom   

The Library 


Cage Room

Mirror Room

Social spaces

Dining Room & Reception

Food & Drink

Evening buffet, served at 6PM       £5


Spa Area

Hottub  – 6 max

Cold shower – Freezing

Sauna –  70 degrees 

Aftercare & crash

Games Room (BYO blankets).

Consent & Protocol

No assumptions shall be made by any individual as to another person’s consent.

Non-verbal/reading people will not be held as valid consent.

Verbal consent is the only form of consent that shall exist on the night.

Do not insert yourself into other people’s scenes, if you weren’t there for pre-negotiation or invited to do so at the start do not engage.

Keep a respectful DISTANCE and do not interrupt players when near their scene, this includes pre-scene setup & aftercare.

If you wish to report a violation of these rules, please reach out to one of the hosts. Even if it is one of them, find the other host to report it to.

If anyone is found to be in serious breech of these rules we reserve the right to eject them from the party – including their guests.

RED will be held as the house safe word.

You have been invited as trusted upstanding members of the community please self-police yourself. If you see something not quite right talk to the DM ASAP. 

House rules

  • Be respectful of the spaces you are using, please clean up after yourself.
  • BYOB is welcomed however a sensible amount only, no huge carry outs to get smashed
  • The dungeon doors must remain open at all times
  • 2AM The Ballroom & Library will be closed, this is to let guests that wish to sleep to do so peacefully, We ask any guests still awake and partying on to keep the noise level’s to a minim, you are however welcome to keep all play to the dungeons.  
  • While staying in the rooms please keep the noise down past 2AM 
  • The music & lighting will not change by request 
  • Narnia Hottub do not overfill with people 6 max
  • Narnia sauna, drink water, look after yourself, stay well clear of the sauna unit as not to burn you butt, please bring a towel if you don’t have a room, as we do not have enough.

This is to keep us all safe & consensual kinksters.