The Hub

The Kink Mansion

LGBTQ+, poly & kink-friendly, explicit consent-aware environment

Consent & Protocol

No assumptions shall be made by any individual as to another person’s consent.

Non-verbal/reading people will not be held as valid consent.

Verbal consent is the only form of consent that shall exist on the night.

Do not insert yourself into other people’s scenes, if you weren’t there for pre-negotiation or invited to do so at the start do not engage.

Keep a respectful DISTANCE and do not interrupt players when near their scene, this includes pre-scene setup & aftercare.

If you wish to report a violation of these rules, please reach out to one of the hosts. Even if it is one of them, find the other host to report it to.

If anyone is found to be in serious breech of these rules we reserve the right to eject them from the party – including their guests.

RED will be held as the house safe word.

You have been invited as trusted upstanding members of the community please self-police yourself. If you see something not quite right talk to the DM ASAP. 

This is to keep us all safe & consensual kinksters.