The Hub

The Kink Mansion

LGBTQ+, poly & kink-friendly, explicit consent-aware environment

House rules

  • Be respectful of the spaces you are using, please clean up after yourself.

  • BYOB is welcomed however a sensible amount only, no huge carry outs to get smashed
  • The dungeon doors must remain open at all times
  • 2AM The Ballroom & Library will be closed, this is to let guests that wish to sleep to do so peacefully, We ask any guests still awake and partying on to keep the noise level’s to a minim, you are however welcome to keep all play to the dungeons.  
  • While staying in the rooms please keep the noise down past 2AM 
  • The music & lighting will not change by request 

This is to keep us all safe & consensual kinksters.