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Club Rules

Consent Protocol

No assumptions shall be made by any individual as to another person’s consent.

Non-verbal/reading people will not be held as valid consent.

Verbal consent is the only form of consent that shall exist on the night.

Club Rules

    1. We have zero tolerance towards racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, body-shaming, ageism, ableism or discrimination of any kind whatsoever.
    2. Microaggressions are not welcome: What are microaggressions?
    3. RED will be held as the house safe word.
    4. Be respectful of the spaces you are using, please clean up after yourself. A cleaning fee may be applied if you leave a mess & void any future event invitations.
    5. When closing a cabin door for play, be aware that DMs cannot monitor you.
    6. Do not insert yourself into other people’s scenes. If you weren’t there for the pre-negotiation, do not engage.
    7. Keep a respectful DISTANCE and do not interrupt players when near their scene, this includes pre-scene setup & aftercare.
    8. No Solo Wanking!
    9. Types of play not permitted: Scat, extreme CNC, Ultra-violence.
    10. Do not play in the social areas.
    11. Piss play is only allowed in the showers if they’re not busy as long as it is all washed away & cleaned up. Please use the back showers for this only so guests can shower piss-free after using the sauna or hottub.
    12. Wax/Messy play: Bring a sheet to put down. Use the cabins, Do not put any wax in the shower drains.: Talk to a DM if you’re unsure, also make sure you are not under a smoke detector.
    13. If in a shared playspace, don’t use flash photography so as not to interrupt someone’s scene.
    14. Pronouns – respect them! Don’t make any assumptions about a person’s gender by calling or talking about them as he/him she/her without actually knowing.
    15. Steam room & sauna are not a game, don’t push yourself, take breaks : ) Water is your friend.
    16. Hottub: please don’t overfill it if you see the water level is high.
    17. Do not go outside without covering up, the nosy neighbors will complain (again).
    18. The music & lighting will not be changed on request.
    19. Photography is allowed, but you must gain consent from every person in the picture. Be aware of people in the background, if taking pictures. DO NOT ask for consent for pictures mid-scene! 

If you wish to report a violation of these rules, please reach out to one of the hosts. Even if it is one of them, find the other hosts to report it to (you will never be penalised for a report).

If anyone is found to be in serious breach of these rules we reserve the right to eject them from the party immediately – including their guests.

You have been invited as trusted members of the community. If you see something not quite right,  talk to the DMs ASAP.

Vices & Consumption

This is a dry event, this doesn’t mean it’s a sober event, take this into account when negotiating.

No alcohol or drugs are permitted at 404.

If hosts think you are impaired beyond the vibe of the party you will be asked to leave.

We don’t judge anyone based on their consumption habits and wish for all attendees to feel comfortable and free to be their most expressive version of themselves. Yet, we suggest asking yourself some questions as you explore.

Am I enhancing my experience or escaping something?

Am I still in touch with myself?

We love Jaffa cakes at 404, we might ask you our favourite biscuit. this is to make sure you have read the rules.

Can I still sense the boundaries of myself and others?

Do I do this out of habit or did I make a conscious choice?

Do I know when to stop?