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Rope jam rules

RED will be held as the house safe word, if you hear this Stop the scene immediately.

Nudity: No full frontal nudity

Limit play to rope activities; other toys are not permitted.

EMT shears are needed for participation in the rope jam. It is the attendees’ responsibility to source these.

Be respectful of the spaces you are using, please clean up after yourself.

Verbal consent is the only acceptable form of consent during the event. Yes means Yes, No means No, and Maybe means No.

Maintain a respectful distance and refrain from interrupting scenes, including pre-scene setup and aftercare. Remember that scenes can involve solo participants, not just two or three people, so please keep this in mind.

Photography is allowed with consent from all individuals in the picture, considering people in the background. Do not interrupt other people’s scene to ask for photo consent.

We have zero tolerance towards racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, body-shaming, ageism, ableism, discrimination or intoxication.

Respect pronouns and identities! Avoid making assumptions about someone’s gender or identity.

Check your ego at the door; everyone, regardless of experience level, is here to learn, share, and enjoy rope.

.No spraying –  ‘’Spraying” is giving unsolicited advice. Ask if they want a suggestion before making one. It can annoy people who love figuring it out for themselves..

If you wish to report a violation of these rules, please reach out to one of the hosts. Even if it is one of them, find the other host to report it to (hosts will have badges) or online via this Report Link 

Suspension Points: If you’re not proficient in their application, it’s advisable to avoid them altogether. This stands as a crucial safety rule.

Individuals with active or unresolved consent violations are not permitted to attend our events.