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Consent Violation Policy

Consent Violation:

An incident during which:

  1. a) a person is acted upon (or is coerced to perform an act) by another or by others in a manner not consented to in advance or

  2. b) a person is acted upon (or is coerced to perform an act) by another or by others after a withdrawal of consent is made by the acted-upon person.

A Consent Violation may occur accidentally or intentionally, with or without malice, and may or may not have injurious consequences.

A Consent Violation may be physical, emotional, mental, or social in nature.

A Consent Violation may be obvious to all involved, realised by a subset of the people involved, or only be clear to a single individual.

What to do:

If you feel your consent has been violated please report it to your hosts.

If your report involves your hosts please report to the designated 3rd party.

We’re calling you the Reporting Party for this procedure and we are accountable to you to ensure this procedure is carried out in its entirety.

We also recognise people may not feel safe in the moment to report and may need time to process emotional, psychological, and physical effects so this procedure is not time limited.

Our first responsibility is to the Reporting Party and then to the safety of the other guests.

We promise to believe you and will support you in all your decisions however these might look.

We will never encourage you NOT to report a consent violation.

Once a report has been made the Alleged Offender(s) will be removed from the party straight away.

We may insist all the people that came with the Alleged Offender(s) also leave the event.

If for any reason the Alleged Offender(s) are found back on the site we’ll call the cops and tell them we personally felt our safety threatened as hosts.

This will be independently reported to the cops with no connection made to a consent violation.

However we will support the reporting parties to make a statement to the police if they wish to.

In advance of each party this procedure document will be included in any promotion and made event specific. Your hosts and the designated 3rd party you can make reports to will be clearly identified. Daitcho, Kima or anyone with a host badge 

Consent Violations will NEVER be tolerated at 404

If you violate consent at 404 you will NEVER be invited back.

Individuals / groups with a history of consent violations will NEVER be invited to 404.

Some of this document was jacked from Foundation for Sex Positive Cultur